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TODO remember to update logo. use SVG!

Version 2.22.0 is now out. This update is the largest in a year. Thus take care to save an old version of Endrov in case incompatibilities have been introduced. The following are some of the highlights:

All the tutorial videos have been moved to YouTube. So if you were not able to view them before, now you should be able to.

A new logo contributed by Mikael Öhman! Finally one that doesn't hurt the eye. The user interface has also been reworked and many windows have been renamed.


Much improved documentation: Most wiki articles have been rewritten. Of particular interest is the closer Wiki-software intergration, for example a menu item brings you to the right article right away (left).

Platew combined.svg

High-throughput screenings have been made simpler and more interactive. While you still have to make a flow to analyze a single image, doing it for multiple images, viewing the statistics and joining the data together can now all be done in the new Plate analysis window.


Initial work has been done to integrate Endrov and ImgLib with Endrov. This increases the generality of image processing plugins and is a first step towards being able to run ImageJ plugins inside. ImgLib is already now used in some plugins. However, the API is experimental and should probably be made more convenient for programmers, and there are concerns about the laziness.

Finally a major refactoring of the source code has been done to improve the structure. Essentially every class has been renamed, and common functionality has been broken out into new classes. This will speed up later development, and it reduced internal inconsistency even further. Many bugs have been fixed, some of which were as old as Endrov itself. However, the large reorganisation may also have introduced new bugs. So please play with the system, and let us know if you find any problems!