Version numbering

From Endrov

Because Endrov is an umbrella for so many components, the normal 3-number version system does not work very well. Instead the version e.g. XX.YY.ZZ is split up as follows:

  • XX - Philosophy version. Increased upon large changes that will affect the way people are working with Endrov. This both from a GUI and library point of view.
  • YY - Functionality version. Incremented when the user can tackle new types of problems - essentially when new modules are added or overhauled.
  • ZZ - Cosmetics version. Minor improvements in functionality or bug fixes.

Keeping backwards compatibility often results in trade-offs in how development can proceed; the goal is to keep Endrov evolving together with research. Hence if a big improvement means a break in backward compatibility, we will carry it out anyway. To make sure old experiments can be redone, it might be wise to keep a copy of the Endrov version used to carry out the analysis.

Citing versions

For the methods section of your paper, we recommend that you specify both the version and the GIT hash code such that others can repeat your study with exactly the same tool (Help.About). We do not guarantee that algorithms are implemented the same way between releases, or that they even stay in the same shape. However, using the hash code you can download an old release at any time, even between version numbers.