The plate overview window

From Endrov

The Plate overview helps you explore large slides. The idea is simple: as you move around on the slide, using your motorized stage, images can be captured and assembled. You can then use this window to locate a position, and tell the stage to go there. In particular, you can create a view at low magnification, and then use it to aid navigation at a higher magnification (where you easily can get lost if the sample goes out of view).

The most common way of using this window is to create an ROI covering the area you want to scan, and then have the microscope move around and snap images of it.

Plate overview.png


To navigate the area, use the mouse scroll button, and right-click-drag to pan around. You can move to any position by right-clicking on it and selecting so in the pop-up menu.


1. Used to select ROIs (region of interests)

2,3. Create ROIs

4. For the selected ROI, move the stage and scan the entire area

Snap: Capture and insert an image from the current position