Making movies

From Endrov

Movies for presentations can be made using Endrov. Depending on your platform there are different options available. FFMPEG is the most versatile writer but requires separate installation.

These are the plugins that provide the encoding:

Selecting channels

The simplest way of generating movies is by capturing the movies currently displayed in the 2D viewers. To do this, bring up all the channels you want encoded together in different 2D viewers. Then go into the menu Operation.Make movie from 2D viewers. All channels are collected and you need only choose the encoding parameters

Otherwise go directly to Operation.Make movie and specify the channels manually (less recommended).

Setting up recording parameters


First select the encoder, then the quality of the movie.

Second, you can edit the descriptions of the channels if you want. Every channel has a description described as XML. The default descriptions should be fine for general purpose. These are the tags:

  • channel: Name of channel
  • frame: Current frame
  • time sf="123" st="456": Time. SF is starting frame. This is the origin and set to ST (starting time) in seconds.

Once all this is done, you are ready to encode the movie.

Further notes on different movie encoders