Importing Simi BioCell data

From Endrov

Endrov is able to load lineage files from Simi BioCell. However, the format is not self-contained making a direct import impossible; some user intervention is required. The images must be linked manually, and resolution be restored.

Minimal import

Just load an .sbd-file. If there are no other image files loaded, an arbitrary resolution will be set. The lineage can be displayed in the 3D window.

Importing resolution

The resolution will be auto-detected by taking it from any other images you have loaded. In this particular case, look at [Plugin_ImagesetBasic|how to import image collections]. After importing the images, set the resolution manually. Only then, load the sbd-files

Showing the lineage over the images

After both images and the lineage have been loaded, the lineage will not automatically be displayed as an overlay in the 2D window. To do this, bring up the "Data Browser" window, then move the lineage object over into the imageset object of the image datafile.