Endrov from the command-line

From Endrov

(work in progress)

The Basics

No matter which platform you use (Linux, Windows etc), if you are in the Endrov directory you can start it by typing:

java -jar startEndrov.jar [arguments ....] [files to open]
example: java -jar startEndrov.jar

If you have installed the Linux packages then you can be in any directory and start it with

endrov [arguments ....] [files to open]
example: endrov mybitmap.bmp

On Windows there is also a binary endrov.exe. If you want to give arguments, don't use it but rather invoke the .jar yourself.

On running Endrov on a cluster

There are many cluster job managers out there already; we are doing everyone a favour by not adding one more. The simplest way is rather to invoke Endrov for each file individually, by using the command line. This command can be created by any decent cluster manager.

If you need tighter integration or more specialized functionality, write a utility that uses Endrov as a library, and call it instead of the normal starter.

Executing flows

If you want to open a file and run a flow, the command is:

--runflow File PathToFlow

example: endrov --runflow Foo.lsm im/myflow

Endrov will then quit immediately afterwards.