Configuring the hardware

From Endrov

You need Open hardware to use this feature. If you are planning to buy any new equipment, read about it carefully as most system vendors does not want to give it to you. They earn a lot of cheap money on selling software upgrades and service.


Configuring the hardware

Go to Windows -> Hardware Manager.


A component can be configured by selecting it in the list and pressing Configure device.

Frivolous configuration

Frivolous is the simulated microscope in Endrov. It can be used for teaching microscopy and for testing new code.

To use Frivolous, select fr and press Config. Select the simulation scenario and press Start.

Micro-manager configuration

Endrov primarily uses Micromanager to control the microscope. You should first see if your hardware is supported. If so, continue:

Select um and press Config. Walk through the guide. See here for more information on this dialog. When you are, all the devices should show up as um/XXX where XXX is the name you provided to Micromanager.

If you run into problems, please first try and use the original Micro-manager to rule out any problems with the hardware. If it still does not work, get in touch with us.

Pipe triggers

This plugin is only available on Unix-like operating systems.

Pipe triggers allow you to trigger acquisition by writing to a file. They are primarily meant to connect Endrov to other software. A named pipe is created by the command:

mknod /home/myuser/mypipe p

It emits a signal whenever a character enters the pipe. 1 triggers it on, 0 triggers it off. You can trigger a pipe on manually using this command:

echo 1 > /home/myuser/mypipe

Triggers only work with acquisition modules explicitly listing them. The filename has to be set as a property before use.