Configuring microscope resolutions

From Endrov

Having the resolution properly set allows you to use more features of the software and is highly recommended. The resolution is stored with the images and allows you to for example make measurements. Getting the X/Y/Z ratio is also a prerequisite for being able to generate proper 3D renderings.

This window is found under Windows.Recording:


As Endrov is designed to handle a multitude of different hardware, you need to specify how to determine the current resolution on your system. This is done by telling which attributes to look at. In general, one would expect the setting to be determined by

  • Current objective
  • Current optivar

and thus you normally only specify 1-2 attributes.

You need to give the measurement for each combination of all attributes. This can be done either manually or automatically. To do it manually, just set the to current state for which you want to record the resolution. Then click the manual setting button.

Most don't know their resolution and in this case it is convenient to measure it. This can be done using your stage, because most of them can tell have far they have moved in a real unit (e.g. meters). Endrov detects the resolution by taking an image of a sample, moving a certain distance, then taking another image. An algorithm is then used to find the best overlap between the images and uses the offset to calculate the resolution.

Automatic calibration is best performed this way: Use a sample that is much like an object on a clean background. A bead particle is perfect for the purpose. Center your camera on it. Now click the automatic calibration button. Done. If you wish, repeat it several times and note the value. This gives you an idea of how precise the estimate is.