Configuration files

From Endrov

Configuration files are stored in

  • Unix: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/endrov/ or ~/.config/endrov/
  • Mac: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/endrov/ or ~/Library/Application Support/endrov/
  • Windows: c:\endrov\

The files are

  • MMConfig.cfg: Micro-manager configuration file, currently has to be hand-edited
  • config.xml: Endrov configuration files. Everything can be set in the program. You can copy this to other computers or keep a backup if you want.

In addition, this directory is a class path. This means you can store or develop plugins here and they will be loaded as normal. This is mainly important if you run Unix and want to use a system-wide installation for development.

If there is no MMConfig.cfg in this directory, it will use the default in the Endrov root directory.

Log file

There is also a log file "log.txt" in the same directory as config.xml. It might be less complete than what is sent to the console however.