Commercial development

From Endrov


Endrov comes with a very liberal license. There is e.g. no requirement to redistribute the source code for most parts alone, but this requirement is induced when linking to several plugins. With some plugins removed it easily functions together with closed source software. That said, we don't like closed source code but we can understand the need of it for certain business models. The aim is to allow commercial plugin development but we will make difficult for anyone who tries to commercialize the framework itself.

How to make plugins

Most importantly, Endrov has rather low tolerance for backward compatibility. You should split up your code:

1. The code that makes up the interface between Endrov, other plugins and your plugin should be open source e.g. the Endrov or BSD license. This allows the interface to be modified so your code will not become obsolete by a redesign.

2. The algorithms you use and want to protect can be closed sourced. This code is never called directly, it is invoked through the plugin interface. This way, no matter how much Endrov changes, anyone can still get the plugin to work.

Dependencies on other parts of Endrov from inside the closed source part should be minimized or eliminated.

For buyers of services

1. If possible, buy the programming service rather than the product. Get the source code under an open source license. This is a safe investment.

2. If you cannot get the source code, make sure the programmer has read and understood the above. You should not just buy the product, you should also make sure several years of maintenance is included. This will safeguard you against changes in Endrov that stops your commercial code from working.

3. If the source is not available right away, try to get a deal that the source code will be released after X years. After e.g. 10 years there will not be any novelty value in the code anymore, but it will be very needed to be able to read/verify old data.